Our Vision

Real fans. Truly connected.

Less products, more value, better world.

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Real Fans. Truly Connected.

Real fans should be truly connected to the clubs, artists & brands they love, that the community relationship should safe be & not built on 3rd party "social" platforms, & sustainability should be at the heart of everything.

By utilising connected technologies to empower true relationships, we enable new business models that directly challenge the volume based status quo & shifts it to a more sustainable, digital & experience based value proposition.

We envision a world where:


  • Fans can engage & connect directly with their passions through the products that represent them in the real world &  virtual metaverse.

  • The value of a product is in the experiences and services it enables.

  • Online communities are safe spaces able to remove hate, racism & abuse.

  • Profit does not depend on volume.

  • There's a true commercial incentive to  produce more sustainable & environmentally friendly products.

Our world is changing & our planet needs us.


In today's world, connective technologies are the universal enablers, experience is the key differentiator, communities are the key to authenticity &  sustainability is essential to our future existence.


Connected Fanatics' mission is to consolidate these to disrupt & redefine the value of products for an environmentally, socially aware & hyper-connected generation.

We believe that to be relevant & sustainable, your products need to be connected.






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is the enabler

Working with our partners, connective technologies such as NFC chips are embedded into products giving each one an individual digital identity that authenticates  the product.

This process turns every product into a unique access point to an exclusive digital experience.


is the starting point

We start everything by understanding what makes people tick & seek to uncover the fundamental &  hidden value of the products we own to define the right experience. Working back towards the technologies that can enable &  unlock them in new &  more relevant ways.

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holds the key

The foundation of value in sports, musician or for a brand is the sense of community & connection people get when they watch them play, listen to their music or wear their clothes.

We connect people & communities through these symbols of belonging enabling safer more meaningful & valuable digital relationships. 


is the outcome

If we develop meaningful community experineces enabled through connected products, we can shift value from physical to digital.

Value becomes what a product enables, & we can incentivize producing less, higher quality, longer lasting goods.

Connected experiences are the antidote to the the volume based business model.