LOCKEROOM transforms merchandise
LOCKEROOM is our premium platform that transforms your merchandise into a seamless access point to exclusive content, to safe digital communities and from a product destined for landfill into a treasured heirloom, filled with memories, to be passed down through generations.

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Connecting your merchandise directly to your biggest fans by making it a digital access point.




Your virtual wardrobe & trophy cabinet for connected merchandise & NFTs

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Get your most valuable exclusive content to your biggest fans

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Add event memories to your jersey & offer exclusive experiences 

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A club owned forum for fans &  players to safely engage & interact

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This is not just any fan app. 
This is an experience that we customize to your club & fans which has been designed to uphold the values of sport & make things better for all stakeholders involved, including our planet.

Key Benefits

Fan Cheering

In a connected world we are more disconnected than ever. The inteface to fans have shifted onto 3rd party social media platforms where clubs are at the mercy of algoithms & increasing costs of acquistion. We give clubs complete ownership over that interface again.

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Regain Ownerhsip of the Fan Interface

Stock Exchange

Enable New Engagement & Business Models 

Connected merchandise offers the ability to create an entirely new way of delivering value to your fans. One tht is direct, authentic & personal. We enable subscription models &  the ability to connect your fan comunity to special offers, exclusive content & VIP experiences.

All Hands In

Local Club Community Feel on a Global cale

No matter where you are as a fan, your jersey acts as the key to your club & that sense of true belonging to the tribe. Our connected product platform makes every jersey owner an eclusive member of the inner-circle, a truly global fan platform.

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Create an Exclusive & Safe
Fan/Athlete Social Network

Abuse of fans & athletes on social media hs gotten out of control. We create a safe space for real fans interact whith their heroes & for athletes to engage with their fans without the fear of being trolled constantly. This is a community that the club is in complete control of, where abuse can be shut down & offenders immediately reprimanded.

Abstract Panels

Gain Meaningful First-Hand Fan & Indusrty Data

Direct interface means direct data. We help clubs to develop a truly personal understanding of their fans so that they can benefit from better service, better value & safer communities & provide sponsors with a truly contextual audience.

Crowded Stadium

Increase Sponsorship Value &  ROI Through Direct Engagement

Truly understanding fans means being able to focus on their needs & offer them more valuable, authentic & menainfgul propositions from sponsors & partners. We provided a platform for a club's sponsors to really engage & interact with the right fans at the right time for the right return on investment.


No Planet. No Sport. Simple.

Using recycled materials is great but it doesn't solve the real problem, the volume based business model, it just shifts the problem from one place to another. Connected Fanatics enables a new approach to sustainability when it comes to your merchandise by shifting value from physical to virtual. A jersey whose value is in what it enables incentivizes the production of a product that is higher quality, longer lasting, doesnt need change, has vastly more lifetime value & is more sustainable. The future is connected.  Join us.

Football Match

The numbers are our "why":


Under the age of 35 value experience over things. 


Of fan revenue is driven by <7% of fans in sport.


Plastic based football jersey produced every year in Europe alone.


Parties now own the direct interface to fans, & their data.


Years of experience in sport, fashion & tech in our team.

We create bespoke fan experiences
integrated seamlessly into your eco-system

Connected Fanatics builds beautiful, bespoke connected product experiences as standalone iOS &  android apps or integrate into your existing experiences