Real fans.
Truly connected.

People are connected.
Why aren't your products?

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Connected,  interactive,  sustainable products &  business models are the last digital frontier. 


There's a gaping hole in that theory.

Your marketing is digital, but the interface to your most valuable customers & their data is owned by 3rd party advertising (social media) platforms.

Your sales are digital through D2C e-com & sales platforms.

But your products, your most important  touchpoints, are digitally disconnected.

We give your products a voice to connect your brand directly to your customers via your products through experiences that transcend the current reach of your brand. 

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To be meaningful in a hyper-connected world your products need to be more than inanimate objects

Our world is digital & increasingly connected.

Technology is redefining what it means to engage with people.

People primarily interact with your brand through your products.

People value experiences over things & demand transparency & sustainability.

So why are'nt your products designed, developed, manufactured to be digitally interactive, traceable, connected & experiential?

Give your products a voice.
We create bespoke experiences
integrated seamlessly into your eco-system

Connected Fanatics builds beautiful, bespoke connected product experiences as standalone iOS &  android apps or integrate into your existing experiences